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Asset Management

The Investment Manager of the the I-REIT is IBA Asset Management Pty Ltd (IBAAM). IBAAM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) with a majority of independent board members and conducts its activities using experienced staff seconded from IBA.

The Investment Manager undertakes the day-to-day management of the the I-REIT, monitors the portfolio and identifies and conducts due diligence in relation to new investments or divestments.

An Investment Committee has been appointed to approve matters including:
• acquisitions and divestments;
• new leases or lease renewals that constitute 30% or more of the gross revenue of the relevant Property;
• debt finance facilities;
• material redevelopment or refurbishment of a property; and
• certain related party transactions.

The Investment Manager, in consultation with the Investment Committee, intends to build a diversified portfolio whilst avoiding a concentration of characteristics that it believes may expose the I-REIT to excessive risk.

In addition to the I-REIT, the Investment Manager manages the Indigenous Prosperity Funds (IPF). The IPF provide eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander investors with the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of investments including exposure to Australian and international shares, bonds, property and cash. Further information regarding the IPF may be obtained via the IPF website at www.ibafunds.com.au


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