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248 Fleming Road, Hemmant, QLD

This property comprises two modern stand-alone industrial office and warehouse/cold storage buildings with a net lettable area of 5,205 sqm on a site area of 10,190 sqm. The principal building was constructed in 1995 and comprises office, warehouse and cold storage areas and it was expanded by 809 sqm to its current size of 3,082 sqm in 2009. The new building was erected in 2013 and is a state-of-the-art cold/freezer storage transport facility of 2,123 sqm. The property is wholly leased to a food distribution company, RoyalCDS.

Acquisition date
July 2014
Property Type
Net Lettable Area
5,205 m2
Weighted Average Lease Expiry
10.34 years/July 2026
Major tenants
Royal CDS
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Last updated: 22/01/2018